Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Update

Since I haven't written in so long, I don't know who is still checking the blog. I have heard from a few that still look every so often, so thought I would update.

All is going well with Jayme, slow, but progressing. He is going to out patient physical therapy twice a week, but should finish up this week or next. Then he and I will go to the YMCA 2-3 times a week to keep up his exercises. Maybe it'll help me get back into shape as well!

He is still on the feeding tube, but is eating more every week. Hopefully, he will be off the tube feedings within a month. He has maintained his weight over the past several weeks, holding steady in the mid 160's.

He manages his own medications and feedings, which has allowed me to get back to work part time. He also is preparing more of his own meals. He would much prefer I manage all his meals, but he handles kitchen duty pretty well. Grace and I even watched him clean the kitchen last night for the first time in six months. We were impressed!

Spent four fun days at the lake this past weekend. Jayme was very hesitant to be removed from his comfort zone, but he really enjoyed himself. He kept mostly to himself since we had a large crew with us, but peeked his head out every once in a while and seemed to enjoy witnessing all the activity.

Relay for Life was a huge success for everyone involved. Our team raised around $4500 and we had about 100 participants show up from our group. We were thrilled with the turnout and are already talking about next year. Jayme walked the entire track with other survivors and brought several of us to tears. It was quite an emotional and inspirational evening.

I will try to update once a month or so if we still have followers of the blog. Actually, it helps me keep track of all that has happened these past months.

Hot in KC this week. Stay cool.