Saturday, July 25, 2009

July Update

Can't believe it has been six months since Jayme started treatment. But, on the other hand, it seems much longer.

He continues to progress at a slow and steady rate. Still has a feeding tube, but we hope to have it removed when we see Dr McElhinney, a gastroenterologist, on Monday. He is trying to increase his daily calorie intake, however it is a difficult process since part of his digestive system is missing! We know he will lose more weight until eating becomes more of a normal process, but that is all just part of the recovery.

Jayme had a PET scan on Wednesday and we met with the oncologist yesterday. The report was no current active cells! I was expecting that news, and I know Jayme was very relieved. He will have another PET scan in a few months. This kind of cancer has a higher recurrence rate than most others, so they keep a close eye on the patient for months and years down the road.

He is able to work on his computer 2-3 hours a day for his job. I'm also trying to work him into a few domestic chores around the house with a little success. He finished out patient physical therapy this week, just needs too continue more walking on his own. His stamina is still very low.

We know his recovery could take several more months. But, my goal is to have him next to me on the golf course by next spring. Who knows. I may be able to beat him now. I knew something positive would come out of this cancer fight!

More next month. Have a great rest of the summer!