Saturday, August 29, 2009

Life is Good

Finally a quiet Saturday at home and time to get in a quick entry.

Jayme is doing well, still losing weight but has made significant progress the past month. The feeding tube is history and he is eating more frequently. Still small meals and handling some pain after meals, but overall improving. He is trying to decrease his pain meds and increase his daily exercise. Still doing 2-3 hours of computer work daily and hopes to make it to the office for a meeting next week.

He sees the oncologist monthly and will have another PET scan in October. But, so far there are no signs of recurrence. And, not a doubt in my mind he is now and will be cancer free down the road.

We continue to feel blessed daily by the continued concern and good wishes even this far removed from the treatment and surgery. And let me add that as a close observer of Jayme these past and present months, he continues to handle his ordeal with gratitude and humility.

We are looking forward to good times as empty nesters for the first time in 24 years! Not such a bad thing.

If anyone needs his email, it is

Until next month....



  1. I'm glad I checked the blog. Thanks for the update. This is very encouraging news. Enjoy the empty nest. It doesn't suck.

  2. Hey Bro and Kay: I am glad I checked the blog, I miss the nearly daily blogs. I am thrilled to hear about the removal of the feeding tube and your continued improvment. Hope you injoyed the tape of hiking trails, I am going to try and go on a day hike in about 2 weeks, time permitting.Tonight is my last night on night shift and now I go on Day shift for 4 months, Yea! I can't wait for Ann's and I trip up north, we even plan to meet Andy at Baker to reminise, Andy is current working on his MBA through Baker's on line program, cool eh! Just to refresh ya'll memmory, Ann and I will be in Omaha Oct. 16 and 17 and then the 18 we wanted to go to Fall city and spead some ashes, does that still seem possible on your end? Well it's 5 am and I need to wrap up my paperwork here at work, I'll talk to ya'll soon, Love #6

  3. Thanks for the update Kay, it is so good to hear that progress is going well and I hope and pray that it starts moving ahead at a faster rate.

    Mike D.

  4. Can't think of anything cute or clever, so I'll just say that I hope that every day you are feeling better, getting stronger, and closing out this chapter of your life and moving on to the happier chapters. Are you thinking of going to any Jayhawk football games?