Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More of the Same, yet that's never true

Kay has been encouraging me to post an update. All is going well. Recovery is progressing slowly but surely. We sat on the couch tonight and talked about when I was in ICU for 15 days, a lot of that time with virtually no white blood cell count. I don't remember 99% of it. I guess I was close to dying. It all seems like it was centuries ago. Kay said that a number of people would sit in the waiting room keeping her company but she wouldn't let them visit me in my room for fear of infections. Who does stuff like that? Sits in waiting rooms in the ICU comforting a friend? I am continually amazed at the support. It's clear to me that when you go through something like this, I mean you personally, you will have the same support. There are so many people that love us and care about us that we're just not aware of. I will be there for you. The number one lesson out of this year is that it makes a tremendous difference to the sick person to have others care. Why I had to become 56 year old to learn that, I've no idea. It meant everything to me, your love and support, and still means everything to me. Never ever doubt that your expressions of concern for an ailing comrade fall on deaf ears. It matters.

I've had a PET scan and a CT scan in the last 60 days, both show no cancer. Yea!

Thanks for following this blog in 2009, we've really enjoyed your interest and the comments.


  1. Holy crap! A new blog entry from Jayme! Congratulations on your scans. I was just thinking of you this morning, no lie, about where you were last Thanksgiving versus this Thanksgiving, and all the water under the bridge between the two. On my list of thanks to be giving, you're #1!

  2. No cancer, I say Yea! too. Since you are still learning lessons, I guess you are living proof that old dogs can learn new tricks.