Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Arrived at destination

Many, many thanks for all the good wishes and prayers. And love all the blog comments, emails and texts. We are so blessed with all this love and support. Believe me, it is noticed and appreciated!

Arrived in Rochester around 8:30 this evening. Love our hotel, Townplace Suites by Marriott. We have a 1 bedroom suite with full kitchen. which is great for Jayme's 6 meals a day. And I am thrilled that I spotted a Trader Joe's on our way into town.

Ready to get started tomorrow and get this show on the road. We are to check in at the Mayo at 9 am in the morning and find out our agenda for the next few days. Hopefully, we will be home by Friday evening in time to watch the Jayhawks.

Rock Chalk!


  1. Trader Joe's! Stock up.
    Good luck and safe travels back home.

  2. Hi Kay and Jayme--Glad you're settled into the Roberts' hotel chain of choice, found a Trader Joe's, and got your plans to watch the Jayhawks. Last time you were doing this I remember was during ML baseball season. I hope all goes well with the surgeon, and hope to see you guys at the wedding/family reunion in May. La casita is all ready for you. Did you get your bracket turned in to Matt? Kimberly and I are sending our positive thoughts your way. Love, Tom

  3. Here's to some wonderfully productive days in Rochester followed by a safe drive home (no open Trader Joe's containers in the car!). And then some big Jayhawk wins! And Happy St. Patrick's Day! Sending some luck 'o the Irish you way today! Love you both! Home soon!

  4. Hoping and praying for progress, information, and a solid game plan. Yes, it would be considerate of the good doctors to work quickly and efficiently out of respect for March Madness! Rock Chalk and tons of love and positive vibes headed your way!