Monday, March 28, 2011

Hanging in There

One down. Jayme had round one of chemo on Thursday. Had rough days Thursday and Friday, but started to feel a little better by Saturday. Experiencing some side effects, such as brief hand incoordination, tingling in hands and feet and constant borderline nausea. He has had to take more anti-nausea meds, so he is sleeping more than usual. He continues to take two chemo pills daily and we hope those side effects keep to a minimum. The good news is he was able to make it to his office today for several hours. I think it was hard for him, but so important to him that he is able to work.

Had a great weekend with all our kids, plus granddaughters Claire and Stella. Mostly just hung out watching basketball, fighting off our disbelief at the way the Jayhawk's season ended. So so sad. Caroline flew back to NY last night and Sam and Grace are back in Lawrence after a week of spring break in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Anna, Adam and the girls will drive back to Denver tomorrow and begin their preparations for their move th KC in July.

A huge thank you to my KC cousins, the Williams and Helfers, and soup nazi friend Jeff for the delicious food over the weekend. That was such a huge help with all the mouths we had to feed.

Enjoy the rest of the week and please keep those good vibes coming Jayme's way!


  1. Glad I could see everybody too! Hang in there Jayme your one tough guy! The Ichabod family is thinking about you! -Fanch

  2. I Love ya Brother. No more needs to be said #6

  3. Consider this message to be full of good vibes! And good to hear that Jayme could make it to the office. I am sure that makes him feel better. Thinking about you all every day! More food to come soon! Love you!