Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Fight to Fight

Although I found writing on this blog helpful when Jayme battled esophageal cancer in 2009, I was really hoping that I wouldn't have to get my "therapy" through blogging again.

No such luck.

Jayme has been diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer, this time it chose to settle in his right lung. In November he had a PET scan and it showed a very small area in the lung that concerned the oncologist. They did another scan on February 1st and it showed it had grown enough to biopsy, which he had last week. We met with Dr Myron today to find out the results. It is the same kind of cancer he had before, adenocarcinoma. The Cancer Center is performing another test, then we will discuss the best options for treatment, most likely chemo. At this point, surgery and radiation are not options. The oncologist is also looking into clinical trials here and elsewhere. So, we won't know much more for 7-10 days.

In the meantime, we ask for your prayers and positive vibes. Jayme has started this fight with an incredible and contagious positive attitude. He has already made me feel better. I think it is suppose to be the other way around!
I will post again as soon as I know our next course of action.

Peace and gratitude,



  1. I am struggling with this news but am sure of one thing.... the Findlays are one STRONG and FIERCE family. Please know my love, support and prayers are with you all and I am sooo ready to put my battle suit on to help you FIGHT this fight!!! Let go get it Jayme!

  2. Jayme and Kay - So sorry for this news and your renewed battle against the cancer. Yes, we will be praying and thinking of you and your family every day! I know that Jayme has it in him to fight this with vigor. Love, the Helfer's

  3. We are definitely saddened by this news. You can guarantee we'll be praying for you. You beat this once, we know you can beat it again! Love you guys! The Goebel's

  4. Kay and Jayme - Thanks for sharing the news, even though it's not what we wanted to hear or what you wanted to say. I heard this recently: God is not looking for us where we want to be or think we ought to be; God is looking for us where we are. So here we are, back at this point of encounter. You've been here before and come through -- you'll do it again. It's another opportunity for your strength to inspire us all. You're in our prayers every day, and as usual you are amazing.
    Bill and Kim

  5. So sorry to hear about this development~cancer is so unfair & such a horrible disease! Kay & Jayme I hope you know that everyone here at R & N Roberts will be supporting you along your journey, with our prayers, thoughts and anything else you might need! Stay strong!

  6. Guys this stinks...no doubt about it. Remember how blessed you are with loving family and friends who will do anything to help you pull through this thing. Know that countless prayers are going up for you that Jayme will beat this cursed disease yet again.
    Love to you both,
    Scott & AJ

  7. Love you guys and we're here for anything you need! Jayme, I know you always tell me that I've been your inspiration, but YOU are mine.

  8. Fall seven times, stand up eight times. - Japanese Proverb
    You continue to amaze me with your strength, resolve and positive attitude to 'stand up' again. I am sorry that you are forced to face this challenge again. You are a blessing to so many others, now it's time for us to pray for the blessings to go to YOU. Please know that you are loved, supported, and prayed for everyday. We are standing with you.

  9. I am here for you as half the world (you know everyone!) You better be in a butt kicking mood! I am and always will be there for you and the good news is Dr. Myron is a sore looser so he is not going to let you down (or I will be opening a can of whoop ass on him). I love you! Will be visiting soon my friend be prepared!

  10. I think the cancer should be sorry that it got you Jayme, more than the other way around. Find a way, my friend, find a way. I love you, I think about you, I wish the best for you. It's always been that way, it is no different now. I'm still expecting you to live to be 150! The cancer is Hosni Mubarek, and we are the people of Egypt!

  11. Like Bruiser said, this cancer picked the wrong guy to mess with. You've got this and we've all got your back!

  12. Hey Jayme & Kay,

    Sorry about the report...BUT,

    The facts are:

    You're tough, you're strong, you're committed, you're loved and you're steadfast. You both continue to AMAZE me with your honesty, open-mindedness and willingness.

    Let's pray together like it's all on God and work together like it's all on us.

    YOu continue to bless each of us as we walk with you every day!!!

  13. Hey Bro, I have the Southern Prayer Warriors on
    your case, just like last time, worked out pretty
    well I would say. Any time I get knocked down I stand up similing because I known something great
    is coming around the corner, I promise! Love ya
    Bro, #6

  14. Jayme, Kay:
    We're thinking of you and persuading others to join us in praying for you. Here's a quote that might make you smile: An AA meeting is like an orgy. You feel good afterward but you don't know whom to thank.
    Bill & Kim

  15. http://shakespeare.mit.edu/henryv/henryv.3.1.html

    Kick its ass again Jayme!

    Pat and Mary Brady

  16. Kay & Jayme,
    You continue to be in our daily prayers, asking our Lord and Savior Jesus to hold you ever so close in His loving, caring, and healing arms.
    We know He is there beside us each and every moment of the day and night. He knows our needs, hears our prayers, and grants us His peace. Herb & Marilynn