Friday, February 25, 2011

Change of Plans

Jayme and I were set on heading down to MD Anderson in Houston, but have since changed our course. Dr Myron, his oncologist, called me Wednesday am and we discussed our options for treatment. He informed me that he had researched clinical trials locally and in Houston, but Jayme does not qualify for any at this time. I let him know we are not ready to jump into a standard treatment here until we get a 2nd opinion and strengthen our knowledge base about what is out there for Jayme. Dr Myron concurred and after further discussion, we decided to go back to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. We need a place to start and we are both very comfortable starting at a place that we know.

Dr Myron made a call to the Mayo Clinic on Wednesday afternoon and left a message for Dr Nichols, Jayme's surgeon from two years ago. I found out today that he had been out of the country until last Monday night, so it may take a few more days to get things rolling. Hopefully we will have some news first of the week. Guess we just have to "hurry up and wait"!

Jayme is doing well, working full time and maintaining an amazing attitude. And, we are both overjoyed that Anna and Adam and granddaughters Claire and Stella are moving to KC in July! Anyone know of a couple of jobs for a couple of great teachers?

Enjoy the weekend.



  1. Attitude is everything, and we all know Jayme has a great one! You two are amazing. So glad to here about Anna, Adam and the girls making the big move! Is KC ready for them? I know the Findlay's are! (me too) Love to All

  2. Unfortunately, hurry up and wait, is the way of the healthcare world. Please know that all of us are waiting and praying right along side you right now and will continue to do so throughout your journey. I do know that grand kids make everything better :~) Keep the great attitude and stay strong.