Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Round Two

Following Jayme's few days in the hospital, he has felt better and the nausea has disappeared. But, since his first go around was a bit rough, he is a little nervous about his 2nd round of chemo scheduled for tomorrow morning. His oncologist and I had to do a little nudging, but Jayme feels this is his best shot to send this beast into remission and he promises to show up at the Cancer Center at 9:30 am tomorrow for treatment #2!

We met with Dr Myron this morning and he told us that this chemo regimen is the best out there for this kind of cancer and he has seen positive results in some of his patients. We understand that his cancer is not "curable", but Dr Myron is doing his best to keep it under control. This morning we discussed changing and adding anti-nausea medication during and after the treatment in an attempt to send him home feeling better than before.

Even though he fatigues easily, he still manages to work from home via his laptop, and is so grateful he is able to earn a paycheck. I am still working both jobs, but know I may need to cut back in the near future as this caregiving duty is exhausting!

Prayers and positive vibes continue to be welcome in our world.

Peace to all,



  1. Jayme and Kay -
    Keep on keeping on, both of you. We're sending you endless vibes of positivity and plenty of prayer, and you're turning it into health and strength. Love you both.
    Bill and Kim

  2. If the Sarge ordered us to take the hill, I'd want Jayme and Kay with me because they're determined. If I was stuck on Apollo 13, I'd want Jayme and Kay there, because they'd figure something out. If things got really dark and desperate, I'd want Jayme and Kay there, because they'd never give up. And if I needed to know the secrets of life, I'd ask Jayme and Kay, because they know that kind of stuff.