Saturday, April 16, 2011

So far, so good

Third day out from chemo treatment #2 and things are improved since round #1. Jayme still has weird side effects like before, but nausea is more controlled. I think the new and improved anti-nausea regimen did the trick. One downside is he seems to be experiencing more abdominal pain, so will address that on Monday with the Cancer Center. He has lost several pounds, so he is trying to eat something every few hours, plus that will also help with the nausea.

I don't leave him for long periods, so Grace came home yesterday so I could work. Hopefully, he will be able to fend more for himself next week.

And who would have guessed the Royals would be 10 & 4. It has reaffirmed our belief that miracles really do happen!


  1. Thanks for the update, glad to here of some improvments with round 2. Yes I do believe in miracles, I was suppose to lose my vision in one or both eyes in 5 seperate accidents and yet I still see well, there must be something I still needed to witness, I think that is a smiling victorouse Jayme and a rested Kay, thats my intent. Love ya'll #6

  2. Hi Jayme, greetings from us urgers-on at the Little House. We all say, "You know Jayme, he is getting through this with dignity and grace." On those occasions when dignity and grace are terms with alien meanings, focus on breathing in and out, like ocean surf, often a helpful focus during discomfort. Kay, Thank you for the blog. I'm a nurse. I live near the Little House. If you need help, or energywork for either you or Jayme, let me know. Day Lane (492-0494)