Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Moving Forward

My mom's memorial celebration was wonderful and so special. She would be very pleased. As always, thanks for all the support. It was great to spend time with all our family and friends and reminisce.

On to Jayme. He is feeling much better today. Unfortunately, that may change Monday when his last round of chemo begins. But for now, we'll take what we can get. He spent some time this morning listing foods he hopes to crave when he can ingest food again. As I recall a pear and a whopper were at the top of his list. All a good sign.

He went to the Cancer Center this morning for hydration and radiation. Then we had an appointment with Dr McCroskey, who is performing the surgical procedure to place a feeding tube on Friday. Jayme will spend the night at Menorah following surgery and we will be coached on how to do the feedings.

So far we are still on schedule for an April 7th surgery at the Mayo.

On a final note, please add my niece Amanda to your positive thought list. She is scheduled for colon surgery on March 24th at the Cleveland Clinic. Hopefully by the summer, both Jayme and Amanda will both be healthy and ready for some fishing and partying at the lakehouse!


  1. Kay and Jayme - Got this site info from Aunt Ellen and it has been inspiring to read through the history. Jayme - my prayers and well wishes and crossed digits are with you, and Kay - keep up the good work. You are two tough cookies! Love, Kisses and Hugs, Jan H.

  2. Awww, so sweet. Thanks for thinking of me! Too bad Jayme and I will be in different places or else we could recover together. I miss you already, Kay!

    Give Jayme a big hug from me!!

  3. Jayme,
    I'm thinking I would be eating a LOT of ice cream. You know, let it melt in your mouth, all creamy and flavorful, then let it slide down your sore throat, soothing every centimeter of the way.
    Of course, you had already thought of ice cream, but please indulge me while I daydream! Honey, could you run to the store for more ice cream, please!