Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Better Week

We are so grateful the first week of chemo is behind Jayme. What a tough start. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at our new home away from home where he received fluids and three IV anti-nausea medications. That helped immensely. Today he is tired and fatigued, but is eating! The nausea remains, but is much less and more manageable. He continues to get radiation daily and will meet with the radiologist tomorrow for a weekly meeting. I am trying to get back to some sort of regular work schedule. Fat chance. But I'm making progress.

I spent some time with my mom this afternoon. She is bedbound and weakening daily, but inquires about all the grandkids and, of course, Jayme. Hospice is wonderful and has been such a comfort to both my parents. She is not experiencing much pain and tells me she is feeling "peaceful". My dad is her strength and I am in total awe as I witness his caregiving skills. He inspires all of us. Please add my mom and dad to your prayers.



  1. Kay--Please give Jean a big hug from Kimberly and me, and please give another one to Jayme, and we wish we were there to give you a big hug too. Take good care of yourself. Tom & Kimberly

  2. I'm thinkin about you Jayme...You can do this...You are strong...You are floating.



  3. Sometimes I feel like the last grape on the vine...since I am usually the last one to know things. Your battle is no exception Jayme! You have all the psychic positivity I can muster.

    One thing you might want to look into for keeping energy up and weight on is something we use swimming (bike riders too) called Goo. (there are a few trade names) It is a fully balanced diet in a small packet of a thick liquid. Protein, fat, carbs, the works. Check with a running store or online at a company called Clif. Let me know and I will get you some if time doesn't allow.

    bill sherman

  4. Bro and Kay: My prayers are with you and your parents, who sound like they have lived a life full of life..., they did a pretty good job with their daughter. I have been in your position before and if you can leave nothing unsaid you will find peace in the years to come as I have after losing my parents. Brother you are in good hands and I love ya, #6

  5. Wow. What a ride. You guys are amazing.

    Please know that you are in my prayers daily.

    See you Friday.


  6. Has this been the longest two weeks of your life? Obviously I have no idea, but chemo/radiation therapy certainly has that reputation. I have some real doubts about my ability to handle it, but I have no doubt about yours, Jayme. You have an inner strength I can only envy.

    All things must pass, and that nasty thing inside you will be passing soon.

  7. Jayme,
    At a meeting today the topic was fear, and I recalled the time when we were skiing someplace in Colorado and I got to the top of a run and began to freak. It looked too steep, and I was afraid I couldn't do it, even though intellectually I knew I could (I think I even had previously). You stood there with me for several minutes -- letting the others go on ahead -- and patiently helped me gather myself. And when that fear passed, away we skiied. Thanks, man.

  8. Jayme: Keep putting one foot in front of the other, my friend. You're in good hands.