Friday, March 13, 2009

Turning the Corner

Every morning for the past nine days I have walked into Menorah hoping to see a glimpse of the old Jayme. Day after day I would get more disheartened. It's the small things I missed, like the way he said hello, or called me "sugar" or just winked. I never really noticed those things before until he didn't do them anymore. To my delight, he has done all three today. I think he has finally turned the corner. He still has a long way to go, and will be in the hospital until Monday or Tuesday, but the worst is over.

His blood counts are almost normal. He still lacks protein in his blood, but that will come back up with good nutrition. Physical Therapy walked him this morning and that totally exhausted him. But at least he walked. He still sleeps most of the time, but is far less confused when he wakes up. This morning the oncologist asked Jayme if he knew who won the KU game yesterday and he said "KU lost". He then asked him who won the MU game and he said "MU". The oncologist then told him he was on the road to recovery.

He doesn't remember much at all from the previous nine days. That's a blessing. Too bad I remember everything!

Love the phone calls, texts and emails. From everything I have told him, he is overwhemed and humbled.


  1. Jayme - Terrific that you have moved up in the world to a regular room. Glad to hear that your bloodwork is nearly normal! Just sorry that one of the things you remember is the KU loss! Or is it worse to remember an MU win? Love to you and Kay! Cousin Jan

  2. Welcome back from ICU and delirium, Jayme, which, I guess means--welcome back to the world of KU basketball. I look forward to hearing your next're just in time for March madness. Thanks for the updates, Kay. Love, Tom

  3. Jayme, had the Jayhawks taken a page out of your book of grit and determination there might have been a different outcome Thursday night! We're rooting for you from the cheap seats here.

    Kay, thank you for the ongoing updates. We had no doubt that you two WILL sit down and have a good giggle from your ICU journal one day!!

    We love you guys!!! Scott & A.J.

  4. What a relief! So glad to hear things are looking up. Keep hanging in there!

  5. YEY! Can i go back to the name calling now? I was getting tired of saying all that corny stuff. It was driving me nuts sounding like a wuss. (grunt grunt). Boy do i have a few things to add the Gizmut Book.

    Damn glad your back on your feet "Chief Shoelace".

    From Little Grasshopper