Monday, March 16, 2009

Steady Improvement

Jayme had a pretty good start to the week. Not perfect by any means, but far better than the previous seven weeks. He is still in Rm 407 at Menorah, but we hope he is able to come home by Wednesday, and at the latest, Thursday. There are still a few issues to resolve physically, but making progress daily. It also helped that the nephrologist (kidney doc) suggested he get his butt out of bed and move! Jayme took notice.

He walked quite a bit today with the physical therapist and I took him outside in a wheelchair to enjoy such great weather. The change of scenery did wonders for him. And thankfully his confusion is about gone. I would rate him at 85 %. We actually had several conversations today and he even initiated a few of them.

I truly admire Jayme for what he has endured these past several weeks and how he has battled this nasty cancer. Since January 26th, no matter how bad he felt, he got up, got dressed, walked downstairs, got in the car and went to the KC Cancer Center. Then on the final day of treatment, he ends up in the hospital and in ICU that night. In hindsight, he was much sicker than I realized, but was determined to get through the chemo and radiation in a timely manner. And he did.

Not until today did it hit him that he was really done with all the treatments. It was fun for me to experience that feeling with him, just total relief that he won't have to endure the effects of chemo and radiation again. We know surgery won't be a piece of cake, but I can't imagine how it could be worse!

Please pray for our niece, Amanda. She is having her colon surgery tomorrow at the Cleveland Clinic. We all wish well and know this will better her life forever.


  1. Good post, Mom! Glad I got to talk to Dad today. And I see you manana :) I'll be praying for Amanda lots.

  2. Amanda's surgery was postponed today. Her doctor threw his back out yesterday and was concerned he couldn't hold up over the 6-7 hour procedure. Hopefully she'll only have to wait a few days.

    Keep on truckin', Jayme.

  3. Here's an item from today's sports page that made me think of you kids. The head of a surgical clinic in Cleveland says he is booked up in mid-March with men needing surgery. Turns out the guys figure that if they have to spend time in bed recuperating, they might as well do it when they can watch the NCAA tournament.
    We're on to your little game, Jayme!
    Keep up the good work, both of you. And go Jayhawks!

  4. Kay, you are so sweet. Thank you!

    I'm glad Jayme got to go outside and get some fresh air. I bet that did wonders!! XOXO

  5. Kay,

    Glad to hear things are getting better. Best wishes to Amanda.

    Please tell Jayme rouben said "dont forget to tie your Shoelaces", He'll get a chuckle out of it.

  6. Hey Kay: My computer at home has caught a cold so I need to my postings at work. Thanks for the last up date. I need to past that collection plate to raise money for that SPA vacation of yours. I am glad Jayme is up and walking some, tell him to heal fast so he can jog into the Mayo April 7th for his surgery. I think you are right that the worst is behind Ya'll now and the healing begins ( minus that little surgery thing ) I'll call soon, Love ya both, #6

  7. Hope today (Thursday) finds Jayme back home and feeling better every day! Maybe a little bit of March Madness in your future? You're one tough guy, Jayme....with a super-tough partner!!! You go Kay!

    We're pulling for you and keeping the prayers coming your way!

    Scott & AJ