Friday, March 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We finally got Jayme home about 2:00 yesterday. We are trying to get on a routine with all that has to be done, but ran into a snag this morning. They were having trouble flushing out his feeding tube in the hospital, but it was still working. As of this morning, we can't get anything to go through. Just spoke to the surgeon and he will replace the tube on an out-patient basis this afternoon. That's the good news. The bad news is he has to have it done during the KU game. Thank goodness for DVR's!

So glad I don't have to walk the halls of Menorah anymore. Did I ever mention that Jayme was in the room next to the one my mom was in for 5 of her 10 weeks last year? At least I knew my way around and was familiar with most of the nurses and techs!

We have Jayme's room set up like Menorah North. He has a hospital bed, walker, wheelchair, IV pole, etc. Home health nursing and physical therapy will start today. He is not able to walk unaided yet, but hopefully will soon.

Sam and Caroline are both here this week and have been great help and support. Before this week, Grace has been the one doing her share, but she is in Playa Del Carmen having a blast on her senior trip.

My fingers are crossed that we can still go to Rochester on Monday.

Rock Chalk!


  1. Kay, thanks for the information. Out here in the hinterlands we appreciate getting news. Hope the new feeding tube was installed without trouble. Now that Jayme's back on his home turf, I'm sure his healing will accelerate!

  2. So glad to hear that you and Jayme are settling in back at home! Now you can see the Hawks play real-time tomorrow! Keeping my fingers crossed that you are able to head to Rochester for your visit, but I am sure all will work out no matter what. Love to you both - cousin Jan

  3. It is good to hear that Jayme is home...
    Kay - this blog is such a great way for me to "get it" - what is going on both in the day-to-day routine of Jayme, a timeless friend that I know "deep-down" and the concern and worry that comes through your writing of this blog... We share all of it with you both through this media. I think it lifts the load for us all. I check this blog often. Love to all--Mike Breakey

  4. Know all thoughts are turned toward Minnesota and hope that Jayme's making rapid gains now that he's back on his home turf!! Between Jayme & Amanda sure seems like there's an awful lot of cleaning and replacing of essential "tubes" going on!! :) Next week promises to be eventful for the whole Roberts/Findlay gang.

    Keeping the "prayer train" going in Arkansas.

    Love to all...including those Jayhawks...Rock Chalk.

    Scott & AJ

  5. Great to hear you're home Jayme. I think of you every day as I pull my car down Noland. Know that you and your family are in our prayers. You continue to inspire us even in sickness. Amazing.
    Mark H.

  6. Hope you guys made it there okay!! I'm missing and loving you both!

  7. Gggggreat to hear that you are back home to gain strenth for the homestead. Jayme, you are truly blessed to have such a loving and devoted family and fantastic social network who truly care and prays for you. I think you remember a lady named Pat that Ann and I nursed through Brest cancer/surgery/chem. and she did not have the fantastic network you have and though she servived it took a great tole on her and is now back on her own by herself with no family as a support, not a great place to be. So in a long winded way, with the hell You and Kay are going though imagine going though it alone, I can't! Brother you have always had a way of taking a tough events and pulling some personal growth out though the back side. In this marathon I believe that every one conected to you and Kay are doing thier own personal growth, thats how the universe works, can we say the string theory? Love #6 Good luck on your trip up north.