Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Waiting Game

Jayme is still in ICU. His blood pressure and kidney function is stable, although he despises the catheter! The holdup is still his zero white blood cell count and low platelets. So it is a waiting game. Just waiting for the blood counts to start going up, which, according to the oncologist should be in the next few days.

Jayme is experiencing some confusion. That can happen when stuck in ICU for several days. He can't tell night from day and the days run together. He hasn't been out of the room since he arrived early Thursday morning. He is hooked up to several monitors as well as IV lines and oxygen, so his mobility is bed to chair only a couple times a day.

I'm certain he won't remember most of this experience. at least I hope he doesn't. But I will have lots of interesting stories to tell him while on his road to recovery!

More later...


  1. Thanks for the updates. We are anxious for news and glad to read your reports. We are cheering on Jayme and you too Kay -- you are both true warriors!
    Kim, Bill and Emily

  2. My best wishes and prayers are with you and your family.

    Jayme - Keep your chin up & stay strong!


  3. You are both fighting machines! Tell Jayme I am waiting with the watermelon and ready to party!

  4. Hey Jayme: Make sure you don't make Kay mad and her go yanking on your catheter, though I know she would not do it but you just never know? To past the time I would like to sit down and read you some discription of hiking trails here in North Georgia. I miss talking to you Bro and don't think this gets you out of hiking the AT. Love always #6

  5. Kay & Tortuga,
    With you in spirit.
    Love & miss you both,

  6. Watching, praying, sending lots of love from all of us Jayme! - Denise, me, Heather and all of us.

    Thank you Kay for posting updates and keeping the fires lit!


  7. Kay-so good to talk with you this morning & thanks so much for the update! Wow! What a soldier your Jayme is. You both have unbelievable spirit & fight-and that is what this terrible disease takes to beat it down!!! The office is thinking of you both & praying for Jayme's quick recovery through this rough patch. Gotta get those counts up, have the surgery & then totally recover. Keep on keepin' on! Holding you both up! Love you,