Thursday, January 29, 2009

He's Hangin' In There

It's been a tough week for Jayme, but we hope things will improve after this first week of chemotherapy comes to an end.

On Monday we spent the day at the Cancer Center getting an education about the chemo world. After receiving intravenous anti-nausea medicine and additional fluids, Jayme got the "grandaddy" of chemo, Cisplatin. After that, he was hooked up to a portable infusion pump that will run through tomorrow with his second type of chemo, 5FU. He continues to get radiation at the Cancer Center daily, but at least he doesn't have to sit for hours to get chemo. He now carries a "man bag" around the house which contains the pump and chemo. Much more convenient.

He has experienced nausea and fatigue since Tuesday morning. But, we're hoping those side effects will dissipate over the weekend. He has no appetite and I am having a difficult time talking him into eating. Unfortunately, I am consuming the mashed potatoes he should be eating!

I am currently attending a pre-scheduled training course that runs through Saturday, so my family has been helping Jayme get to his treatments. Grace will get to see part of her dad's new world tomorrow when she takes him for radiation, lab work and the removal of the infusion pump.

FYI- I increased my cell phone minutes, so feel free to call anytime!


  1. Kay, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

    You are The right person at the right time with

    the right knowledge to be Jayme's Quaterback in

    this very important game. Thanks for all you do

    Love Brother Dan

  2. Hi Kay and Jayme,
    I'll try this again. I just want to make myself available to you for transportation when needed. I'm right next door and I would be honored to help. Herb 962 4707

  3. Kay, Thank you for keeping us posted on Jayme through this blog. I really, really appreciate knowing what's happening.
    Jayme, Keep on keeping on. And keep doing what Kay says -- she's on top of this and will pull you through. We're praying for you and cheering you on.
    Bill & Kim

  4. Hang in there Jayme; it actually gets better someday. And eat those *(&^%&* mashed potatos!
    Thinking of you.
    Sandy and Jim

  5. Kay and Jayme, we're thinking about you two...thanks for keeping all of us up-to-date with your blog. What a great communication tool! Hang in there, and keep alive that adventurous spirit...Much Love, Tom & Kimberly

  6. I'm not sure I want to have anything to do with a medicine that has the word "splat" in it. And I don't have to tell you what comes to mind when I hear the name of the other chemo "5FU".

    I took all my 401K money out of the stock market and put it into Jayme Findlay futures. I'm looking for a big payoff!

  7. Hi Jayme and Kay,

    I have to say that this blog is such a unique goal in reading it and writing to you was to try to find just the "right words" to inspire and be uplifting to you and your family...yet, (which is really just sooooo you Jayme and Kay) ends up being an inspiration to us here on the "outside looking in" to have a positive means to connect to you. I know that your spirit and determination will get you a long ways...but when you need that extra lift just imagine all of us sending our extra energy and love your way...

  8. Mike Carroll said...

    I was so surprised to hear the news. Rick and I just saw you a couple of weeks ago at Barley's and you were your usual engaging, charming, delightful self. I know you will fight this battle with the same ferocious determination that skinny little boy of yours displayed for years to us on the gridiron. We have so many fond memories of those days. You will win just as all those little Viking teams won. Please know that the thoughts and prayers of our family are with you.