Friday, January 16, 2009

More Test Results

Jayme had an endoscopic ultrasound today. A long day it was; arrived at Menorah at 10 am and arrived home around 6 pm. Dr Jaffri, a gastroenterologist, performed the test and gave us a pretty good report. It is a large tumor, located at the base of the esophagus, but mainly in the stomach, and, is the size of a baseball. Yes, I said baseball. Wow. However, it does not appear to be in the lymph nodes around the site, but is deep in the tissue. He biopsied one lymph node and it came back benign. This would classify it as a Stage 2, which we all think is good news.

We liked Dr Jaffri. He performs around 700 of these procedures yearly, in fact did three today. He gave Jayme a good prognosis and thinks going to MD Anderson is our best option for a successful surgery.

Jayme's main focus is to consume enough nutrition daily to maintain his weight. Eating is a very time consuming task since swallowing has become so difficult these past weeks. Lots of pasta and ice cream. No more steak or bread.

On Monday we have four appointments at the KC Cancer Center, one of those with the Radiologist, Dr Coster. We will then have a 2nd opinion with Dr Baranda from KU on Tuesday regarding his treatment. Then a final decision will be made on where he will receive chemo and radiation. Jayme spoke with MD Anderson this week and they said most treatment regimens for this type of cancer are standard. There are also "clinical trials" available at various times and we will explore that option with the KU Med doc.

I know I am repeating myself, but please know that the emails, phone calls and prayers have meant so much to us, more than you know! It's a wave we will keep on riding throughout. And after all, if 155 people on a commercial jetliner can crash land on the Hudson River and all survive, then certainly his cancer can be cured. Jayme concurs.


  1. Yeah, I had a tumor the size of a baseball once. It was back in Korea, during the war; you probably didn't know I was in that fight. Anyway, our medic, Corporal Heimlich, who is kinda famous now, gave me a squeeze and it came right up! It was kinda messy, but you know, war's not pretty.

    I'm trying to think of a couple of people better equipped to fight a battle like the one you are facing. I'm not coming up with anybody. I'm thinking of you all the time.

  2. More great news! Pasta and Ice Cream isn't half bad..... AND it does keep the weight on! I wouldn't know about such things! (right.....) Stay focused and positive!



  3. Kay & Jayme-
    Understand you got an encouraging prognosis.
    Know the love, prayers and support of family and friends will always be there to help you through this.
    Mark & Darcy

  4. Hi Kay and Jayme,
    I agree that this is some good news, not that Jayme ate a baseball, but that the mass (I hate that word) is stage II. Means it is outside of its bedroom, but has not spread to the hallway or living room, or spread to the neighbors. Dumb to say, but could be a lot worse.
    And I have to comment on MD Anderson: it is the Mecca for cancer tx. I have seen scores of patients get referred there and have spoken with oncologists who regard words from Anderson as the gospel of oncology. They are as good as you can find, I think.
    Know that Sandy and I (and Kelly and Tom) are thinking about you all the time. Hard to know exactly what to say, but we are trying to be as supportive as we can be. Call anytime; ANYTIME.
    Jim and Sandy from Oregon