Saturday, January 31, 2009

News from the dark side of the moon

I figure I ought to report in. Not a fun week but it could be worse. I'm following another blog of a KC man with Esophageal Cancer and he's been in Houston for weeks with post op problems, but he got out of the hospital yesterday and set to go home mid February. Let's say a prayer for Will.

Grace did the treatment center duty yesterday with me. I held her hand for strength. Tell me how that works? I'm the dad and she's holding me up. And it was fine with me. Small blessings that come with stuff like this.

Basically have just been hunkered down for four days. Kay has tried like a warrior to get me to eat but I did very little. I feel better today. Walked a bit just because I know I should, actually because the dog got out of the house so had to go find her. Coincidence? I think not.

I know for some it's hard to leave comments on the blog. Thanks to those of you that have and those that have meant to, both mean a lot. I continue to be in awe of the support. It's like seeing a world that's always been there but not so obvious.


  1. Jayme, I’m one of those that words don't come easily to. But I know your spirit is strong and this journey will make you stronger.

  2. Jayme,
    The Force is strong in this one. And that one. Hell, the Force is strong in your entire family. I love hearing about your drawing strength from Grace, and getting a reason to walk from a dog gone missing, and suggesting another person in need of prayer. I so appreciate your devoting the energy to keeping up on your blog; I want to hear about your journey and the sources of strength you find along the way. Keep trying to eat and keep writing.
    News from here: Emily moved out of her Lincoln apartment and we transferred all her stuff to our house. She is still planning or hoping to move to Denver but is frustrated that she gets no job offers from the hospitals there -- she's a Real Nurse now, dammit, so hire her! I have volunteered to help the local Food Bank conduct a survey: I'll go to local pantries and soup kitchens and ask recipients to give me 20 minutes to answer intrusive, personal questions. I was trained last week and I start in this Wednesday.
    Obey Kay and stay sober. Are you able to get to meetings?

  3. Dear Jayme & Kay,
    We have been reading daily, sending positive thoughts your way and including you in morning and night prayers. You have been our friends for a long time. We used to have the pleasure of seeing you both 2-3 times a week at football events but lately we have only had contact with Jayme. Jayme, you are a special dude and I have appreciated all of our collaborations from our semi-accurate football memory book for the kids to our language stuff.
    We love you both and the whole family. It has been so much fun watching your kids grow up and spending time with Kay's parents too. So, having said all of that "we need to keep this party going" so Jayme - here is your assignment. You must invision your chemo and radiation like Mr. or Ms. Pacman eating those cancer cells and nothing but nice, pink flest is remaining. Visualization plus prayers works!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Honey! I'm holding all of you in Healing Light and Love.

  5. Jayme,
    Something I saw in the Super Bowl made me think of you. Not just the physique of Larry Fitzgerald. It was the Pepsi commercial with the Dylan song Forever Young: "May you always do for others and let others do for you." That is pure Jayme all over!

  6. May G-d protect you, and give you all the ability and strength you need to overcome this.

    "May G-d bless you and protect you. May G-d cause His countenance to shine upon you and favor you. May G-d lift His face to you, and grant you shalom."

    You are my friend Jayme,
    You've given me wisdom when i needed it most.
    You're a man with a pure heart and spirit.
    May G-d listen to your prayers and lift your soul.

  7. HI Jayme. This is Bobbi, Brent and Joyce from Dave Ramsey FPU class. You are in our thoughts and prayers. It sounds like you have some great support. God Bless!!