Monday, January 19, 2009

The Journey Has Begun

We spent the day at the KC Cancer Center. It started with lab work, followed by a lengthy informational session with a nurse practitioner. She discussed what Jayme may experience during the treatment phase, nutritional needs, medications, etc. The final appointment of the day was with Dr Coster, the radiologist. We were quite impressed. He was direct, yet compassionate, and very detailed while explaining the ins and outs of the radiation treatment. Jayme had one final test, a CAT scan, to intertwine with the PET scan to pinpoint the exact site for radiation. Dr Costner also had us view the PET scan on the computer. Amazing technology.

We are very comfortable and confident with the KC Cancer Center, though will follow through with a 2nd opinion at KU Med tomorrow.

So, as of today, we have a tentative timetable. Chemo and radiation will begin Monday, Jan 26th. He will only have chemo on days 1-4, but radiation 5 days a week for 5 1/2 weeks or 28 sessions. He will have chemo again on days 29-32. After he completes the 5 1/2 weeks, he will take off 4 weeks to rest and prepare for surgery at MD Anderson, hopefully sometime in April.
Clear as mud?

We are hopeful that things will stay on schedule, but know there could be a few minor bumps in the road.

And, as always, many thanks for the prayers and good wishes.

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  1. Val Chapple ( 20, 2009 at 8:53 AM

    Half the battle is getting started.

    Your guys' journey right now is something that has put a lot of perspective into my life right now. Its amazing how anyone and everyone gets wrapped up in the little things from time to time. I know there are plenty of things that make me upset while at college and playing softball, but after I read each of your comments, I am forced to look at the bigger picture. And each time, I realize anew that my life is going quite well and so is my family's. And while I should be the one giving you support and hope, it seems that is exactly what you two have given me through your brief updates. Thank you. And keep at it!