Thursday, May 7, 2009

Coming Home

Those are a couple of sweet words!

Jayme had his last chest tube and drain removed today. His pain seems better and his mobility has improved since yesterday. Had a little difficulty tolerating his dinner this evening, but other than that, he is OK to come home tomorrow.

Thanks to all of you who have donated or signed up for Relay For Life, which is scheduled for Friday, June 12th at Bonner Springs High School. Jayme and I look forward to sharing the evening (and/or night) with as many of our family and friends that are able to come. If you would like to donate, join a team or make your own team, here is the link. Once we get back to KC, this will be our project over the next month.

I will share more info as I receive it.

And yes, I am a dweeb. I named our dog Reesing after the KU quarterback. Anyone surprised? My kids were briefly appalled!


  1. Come on home to Kansas, Dorothy!

    Have a safe trip back with those frequent stops - like traveling with the kids again! Love, Jan

  2. Woot Woot!! So glad to hear some good news. Be careful on the road - I know you can't wait to get home!

  3. Jayme and Kay,

    So nice to have you back home in Kansas, really cool to hear about all the progess. Hope to see everyone soon.