Friday, May 8, 2009

We're Baaack!

Great to be home. Jayme is tucked snugly in his hospital bed upstairs, Grace is out and about with her friends and I am hangin out with my dog. Life is good.

The drive home was a breeze, made several brief stops for Jayme to walk and stretch. Thanks to our thoughtful family and friends who left goodies for us upon our return. Also, our yard has never looked better. More thanks to pass around! And while I'm handing out thank yous, I want to send out the biggest thank you to my brother, Dave. He has helped out with hotel rooms and flights for my kids, as well as providing moral and emotional support day in and day out. Plus, he got me tickets to the Final Four last year. Boy, I am really indebted!

Jayme has a follow-up appointment with the oncologist on Tuesday. Hopefully, those visits will dwindle down and he can get back to concentrating on his soon-to-be full recovery. I'm hopeful he will feel up to visitors soon. I will keep you posted.

We both feel so fortunate we were able to go to the Mayo Clinic for surgery. I am glad to repeat myself when I say that it is an awesome place. But, the next time I spend 12 nights in a hotel room, it won't be in Minnesota. I'm thinking Hawaii!


  1. Dear Jayme, Kay and Family,

    So glad to hear you're home. It's been a long, tough journey and it's not over yet but you've all done wonderfully. May the recovery continue in earnest and with success.

    Dave Lorbecki

  2. I bet it feels awesome to be home! I'm sure Reesing is happy to have you both back. Can I tag along to Hawaii with you?! Love you all!

  3. Hawaii? check out "Bora Bora"

    Little bit of this..

    then some of this...

    and a bunch of this..

    Dr should agree to this prescription.

    Send my regards to Jayme tell the lug i miss him.

  4. So excited you're home safely :) Can't wait to see you all next weekend! Let Grace's graduation festivities begin. Love you<3

  5. Welcome home. As Dorothy said, "there is no place like home". So glad your drive back was uneventful.
    Now, thinking ahead to those KU tailgating menus.....

  6. Glad you are home !! There is no place like home!!
    ~Kurt & Angie Johnston

  7. The entire ninth floor of Quacker State is delighted to have our Director back where he belongs.
    Janitor and Resident