Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some Final Thoughts

So thrilled that Jayme was up to blogging yesterday. After all these months of communicating on the blog, I'm sure I'll have a little withdrawal. It's been my own personal therapy.

Thought I would give you an update of Jayme's current status. He is walking with a walker, but starting to move away from it more each day. He has home health physical therapy 3 times a week and will begin out-patient therapy in a few weeks. He has lost a total 30# but has maintained over the past several weeks. He has been told he will likely lose 15-20% more of his current body weight. The biggest challenge I see is getting him to eat regular foods again. He is trying to eat a little throughout the day, but it is a struggle. The pain is much better, still taking pain meds, but less than last week. His mind is clearer, voice stronger and more smiling observed!

He thinks all the out-pouring of support in "a phenomenon." He is so overwhelmed and humbled. It's an emotional roller coaster for him at times.

As soon as he is able, we look so forward to spending more time with family and friends. We would love to see many of you on June 12th at Relay For Life if your schedule allows. If anyone needs to contact me, my email is

I'm sure there will be more blog entries down the road as Jayme fully recovers, but the good new is, hopefully, there won't be much to report!

Thanks you for sharing "A We Process" with us.

Peace to all.



  1. Thanks for everything you have done for Dad and our family!! I love you...see you Saturday :)

  2. Hey Kay and Bro: It seems like a bad dream that I could not wake up from for the last many months. I am thrilled to wake up and have you on the mend, spirt intacked. I am a little sad about not having a blog to look forward to, it really became a part of my daily routine, would it be possible to maybe do a weekly update on progress, family news or just to say hi! I know I am not alone to say that I have been greatly affected though this WE Process, I have change my diet ( and the way I look at food ), I have gone back to working out 3-4 days a week and I am getting my finanical house back in order and even ordered and received a starter package from the Dave Ramsey program to become debit free and to pay more attention to what and how we spend money. I hope to get to KC this summer and give both of Ya'll a big hug, Love ya both #6

  3. Jayme and Kay,

    We are so grateful to have a sponsor/mentor in our lives who has fought the most courageous battle possible and has come out the other side smiling! You both have been an inspiration!

    Chris and Reid