Friday, May 1, 2009

"Things Can Turn on a Dime"

That is a direct quote from Jayme this afternoon. Things were going so well for him until this afternoon. He had a violent bout of nausea, so that has set him back just a bit. They removed his epidurals for pain this morning, so the episode caused him to also experience more pain at his incision sites. However, the physicians are on top of all his symptoms and have a plan in place. Dr Nichols has been in twice today and his associates made two other visits. They were going to remove some of his "tubes" today, but will hold off until tomorrow. By this evening, Jayme was much more comfortable.

I'm confident he will get back on track tomorrow. He is still getting all his walks in during the day and following his breathing protocol to keep his lungs clear.

I'll update again tomorrow on Jayme's progress. He'll have a much better day!

1 comment:

  1. Tell Jayme John Prine is here in Sept. That will put a twinkle in his eye. Hoping today the dime has turned again.