Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Seeing Progress

Today was a much better day. The swallow test results were positive so they were able to remove the nasal tube, and, he actually took some sips of broth and juice this evening. They decreased his nausea meds so he didn't sleep as much today and he was able to participate in Rehab. They also removed one of his chest tubes which was a painful procedure, but the pain soon dissipated. I don't know about Jayme, but I feel much better!

I spoke to Dr Nichols and they feel he should be able to go home on Friday if things continue to progress.

Jayme thanks everyone for the cards and gorgeous flowers.


  1. Glad to hear that things are doing better today. Kay, your my hero. I know that you have an amazing support system but you are the one who holds everything together. In a short time you will be able to look back on all this and just let out a big sigh. Looking forwaqrd to seeing you all get back to Kansas!

  2. Man, I love visiting this blog and getting great news! Thanks for all the information, Kay. You are the Good Shepherd for that poor lost lamb Jayme. I know he is because I'm one too.
    Bah, bah.

  3. That is a huge sucess to pass the swallow test and get a few sip of liquid down, way to go Warrior James!!! Now you need to build that strenth up for the trip back home. I wish I could be there for the Homecoming, I guess I will be there in spirt but some pictures posted on the blog would be cool. Good job team WE, Love #6

  4. YEAH!!!! Way to go Jayme and Kay! Just wait til all those nasty tubes are out and Jayme is drinking and eating and chasing you around again! Hey, Friday is just 2 days away-AWESOME!!! Keep up the great work & good news! So happy to hear things are looking up, up, up!!! Looking forward to seeing you back in Kansas soon.

  5. Miss you already, Mom and Dad (or Kris and Gonzo?). Hope you are enjoying your commute from downtown and Dad is walking more, sleeping less. Keep the updates coming. Love you!!