Thursday, April 30, 2009

He's Baaack!

Well almost. He's back to giving unsolicited financial advice to the kids, back to asking about booking lake weekends this summer and inquiring about my dad's fishing success this week in the Ozarks. He's back to complaining that I talk too fast and sometimes too much. It has been an unbelievable and most welcomed transformation from pre to post-surgery Jayme!

Dr Nichols and another entourage stopped in this morning. Jayme thanked him for saving his life. Being the gentleman and scholar he is, Dr Nichols emphasized what a team effort it has been and acknowledged everyone in the room that has been a part of Jayme's case. He reported that the pathology report showed that most of the tumor was dead and they only found microscopic bits of cancer in the mass that was removed. As far as they can tell, he is free of cancer.

Jayme will begin tube feedings today. He hasn't been given any nutrition since the surgery, just IV fluids. They will do a swallow test on Monday to make sure there is no leakage where they joined the esophagus and small intestine. If all goes well, he will start on liquids (broth and jello) thereafter. Once he starts tolerating food by mouth, many of the tubes will be removed.

Great to have Caroline here and we await Grace's arrival this evening. Caroline will drive up to Minneapolis to pick her up following a brief stop at the Mall of America. Well, maybe "brief" is not accurate.


  1. This makes me want to cry! I am so happy to hear how fast the progression is happening. Jayme will certainly be up and running soon! Has he asked about me? (Just kidding) Hugs and Kisses

  2. WAHOOOO!! That is exactly the news I have been waiting for. Is it too early to start planning Jayhawk football tailgating menus?
    Love and God Bless--

  3. Great news!!!!

    Here's to a quick and successful recovery!

  4. So there's a pretty good chance this whole nightmare just might become a distant memory?? Yippee!! Thank God for modern medicine!! Here's to a healthy, hearty Jayme!!!

  5. Thank you, God!

    May God's healing peace surround you all.

    Yeah! Meg

  6. O man of many tubes, draw on their healing power! Your entire team is feeding your recovery and bringing you back.
    Glad to be near,

  7. Glad to hear Jayme is recovering quickly, how about Kay?

    I guess all those years I spent beating Jayme up paid off, he is one tough cookie. Keep up the good work, Love you Bro'.

  8. Jayme,
    I'm eager to hear all the things you have learned about life, the pain, the struggle, the love. And most of all, about yourself. You are going to be so much stronger, maybe not physically as much as mentally and spiritually. I'm not worthy. You are going to be Super Jayme! Even when we don't see one another for months and even years, you are a presence in my life.

  9. So good to hear things are going well! Terry and I both are thinking about you, knowing you are getting stronger and healthier every day. Keep fighting the good fight!

  10. Such welcome, welcome news! So happy for Jayme and Kay, and all of the Findlay's and Robert's families.

    Dave Lorbecki