Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blog Make-over

Hope you like the new look of the blog. I've always been one that likes change, so don't be surprised if it changes again sooner than later.

Arrived home from Rochester late Monday evening. A long drive, and it seems to get longer each time we make the trip. Even though we were disappointed that the surgery was postponed for two weeks, I think we both feel that it will benefit Jayme in the long run. And, as my oldest brother keeps telling me, all that is important is the end result. He is so right.

It is good to be home for a breather. I figured out that if they did the surgery this Friday as we anticipated, we would have been gone at least three weeks. Too long to be away from home, the dog and Grace.

Jayme is gaining a little strength every day, still has poor endurance but is walking short distances without the walker. Our goal is for him to walk into the hospital on the 27th without assistance. That would be progress.

Anna and 10 month old grandbaby Claire are coming in this weekend for a visit, so we are excited to spend time with them.


  1. I wish I could be home with all of you this weekend but I know you will have fun together. Miss and love you. Give Dad a fist pound for me :)

  2. It's great to hear that Jayme is getting stronger. I'm sure seeing Anna and Claire will give him a lift! Love the new look by the way!!

  3. Nice makeover! Enjoy your time at home, get Jayme stronger, and lavish love on Claire.
    We're thinking of you!
    Bill & Kim

  4. Jayme n Kay
    I read a long time ago that most of the time
    when you think something has gone wrong or is bad,It generally turns out for the better, so have faith that this is the case now, I have been keeping up with your progress and sometimes lack of,Knowing that in the long run you will beat this thing,Your mind is a strong one,crazy like me maybe??? but then thats life.
    Anyway I just wanted to let you know that connie and I are thinking of you,and let you and Kay know that if you need anything,just give me a call.
    Bill $ Connie Ryan

  5. Jayme and Kay -- thinking of you and the rest of the family. Enjoy your grandbaby "distraction" -- that should be fun. We are here if you need anything....

    the Noland family

  6. Hola Tortuga!!! Soy yo Christopher de Costa Rica estoy muy feliz de tener la oportunidad de escribirte ya que en raelidad hace mucho tiempo no lo hacia, lo lamento mucho Tom me mando un mensage en el que me conto lo que te estaba ocurriendo, sinenbargo no lo pude leer sino hasta hoy yaque a mi correo llegan muchos spams y como no siempre lo reviso, cuando lo hago tengo 400 o 500 mensages que son pura basura y es muy dificil encomtrar los mensajes que a uno en realidad le importan, lo siento mucho.
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    puede estar seguro de que esta siempre presente en nuestras oraciones y que si hay algo en lo que podamos ser de ayuda aqui estamos para servir, te deseo lo mejor, que Dios te bendiga y t guarde y te sane pronto de todo lo que te hace daño.
    Hasta pronto.
    Att: Christopher (Para mi amigo Jaime/ Tortuga)
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    See you soon.
    Att: Christopher (For my friend Jaime / Turtle)

  7. Hi Tortuga,
    As Christopher pointed out, you leave a trail of "love" wherever you go. Your visit to Costa Rica was one of the highlights of our year there.
    As soon as you're back to vibrant health, I say Tom and I and the whole Findlay clan head to Costa Rica for some R&R and a visit with Christopher and his family.
    Miss you and love you my friend,

  8. I agree, Dad! Let's go to Costa :) Family trip...we'll teach everyone Spanish!! Love you.

  9. Love, Love, Love the picture! Claire looks so happy to be sitting on Grandpa's lap! So Cute (both of you) Sending goodness your way.

  10. Jayme,

    A week from today you will be your first day without the cancer! I will be offering prayers of thanksgiving that day and will continue to pray for you to be healed. God bless, Steve

  11. Its good to see you my friend.