Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bummer...Surgery is postponed!

We had an appointment with Dr Nichols at 2:30 this afternoon and it didn't quite go according to plan. After a two hour wait, we finally got in to see him. It seems that the colonoscopy Jayme had yesterday showed some "patchy abnormality" and the biopsies need more in-depth analysis from the pathologist. They don't think it is cancer, it could be inflammation, but the surgeon will probably need part of the colon to rebuild the esophagus, so it is vital that the colon is healthy. The reason for the long wait was that all the tests were late getting to the surgeon. We didn't get out of his office until after 6:15.

We are totally disappointed, but Dr Nichols was so intricate in the way he explained the whole process. He showed and read us Jayme's different test results and talked about other cases that have come to him that weren't done correctly. He does at least one or two of these surgeries weekly, so we know we are in great hands. More than ever do we get that he knows what he is doing, and that is why we traveled to Rochester. Still bummed, but understand the reasons for the delay.

We will talk to Dr Nichols tomorrow to see what, if any, tests Jayme will need. He may need to consult with a gastroenterologist and figure out what happens next. So I suppose we will be here for another day or so, but who knows? Surgery will not take place until at least next Wednesday or Friday at the earliest.

Caroline arrived this afternoon, but we got in touch with Anna while on her way to the Denver airport. Sam and Grace were to come Friday. All travel plans are in a holding pattern. In fact, everything is in a holding pattern.

More later as we receive more info.


  1. Glad to read that you're keeping your spirits up. We want this done right, and it will be worth the wait.
    Patiently (trying to be, anyway),
    Bill and Kim

  2. So sorry for the postponement - but you are right. You want it done just right and by the best doc there is. So, another drive to and from Rochester with audio books. Hugs to both of you and that you may proceed soon. Love, Jan

  3. Wow! What a rollercoaster you've been on. Let your family and friends help carry you through this too - you've definitely got strength in numbers!!! I've always been a believer in waiting for good things to happen - no doubt this is the case now - even though it's hard to be patient! Everything happens in God's time. Continuing to pray for you all!

  4. Bummer x 10, Sorry to hear about the delay but you know that every happens for a reason. When something disapointing happens there is always something good x 10 around the corner, I seen it happen thousands of times, I can't wait! I know you were mentally prepared but with extra time you can get some more nutrition in you and be that much stronger at surgery time and recover that much faster, Love Ya'll #6

  5. Hey, Jayme,

    We just watched your colonoscopy on You Tube and we all agree with the diagnosis.

    The Uryaszs