Monday, April 27, 2009

Surgery is finished

Caroline here, writing this entry for my mom as she is at the hospital without her laptop.

Dr. Nichols just came in and spoke with her. My dad is out of surgery and all went well. He should be back in his room by 11pm so my mom will be able to see him, which she is anxiously awaiting.

She will update more later.


  1. Thanks, Caroline, for the update. It's deeply appreciated. Our hearts are with you and your dad.
    Bill & Kim

  2. That's the greatest news. I can go to sleep now. Jayme is working his way back to you even now, and your love will bring him to you. Tell him I'll make the tee-time, so he'd better get ready. Thanks, Kay and Caroline.

  3. Relieved to hear the doctors gave you a good report on the surgery today. So proud of Jayme and Kay and the courage they show all of us when faced with a crisis. Tell Jayme I am going to be in Omaha to meet with Art Jetter tomorrow, he has been following everything and he and his family are praying for a quick recovery, too. Everybody be safe.