Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Up and Around

I arrived in Jayme's room this morning around 8:30. He was sitting up in bed with bright eyes and his pain pump button secure in his hand! It is now 11:00 and he has already been up in a chair and walked with the help of two nurses. Dr Nichols came in with an entourage of 10 and explained the surgery to Jayme. Then came a physical therapist, respiratory therapist, anethesiologist and dietician. Jayme has two nurses and they only have 2 patients so he gets plenty of attention. I can't stress enough how impressed we are with the entire Mayo organization.

I told Jayme that even with all the tubes, cables and IV's, he is better today than he has been in weeks, maybe months. The cancer is gone and it is downhill from here.

I am so full of gratitude today to my family, friends, and all the medical personnel who have touched his life. A We Process indeed.


  1. Thank you so much for these updates. I'm thrilled Jayme is doing so well.
    -Marilyn Phalen

  2. Downhill for sure!! Congratulations. Sounds like things are going really well. I am so happy for you. Can't wait to see you both when you arrive back home.

  3. Bruce, er, no, anonymous!April 28, 2009 at 4:35 PM

    Ladies and gentlemen, step right up! Today you will witness a spectacle the likes of which you have not seen in your lives. It's the Amazing Man With No Stomach! WATCH....as he eats small portions! MARVEL....as he refuses second helpings! GAPE IN ASTONISHMENT....as he pushes the plate away unfinished! Please don't throw food into his cage, young feller, he's done eating for the day! And don't try to poke him through the bars. He may not be able to eat your fingers, but that doesn't mean he won't bite them. Just one thin dime will get you a quick look, pay a quarter and you can eat some of his leftovers! Right this way, ladies and gentlemen, step right up!

  4. Hey We Team, way to go!!! I can't tell you how thrilled I am that the surgery went well and We are on the road to recovery. This would be a great day to watch the sunset and marvel in God's handy work and give praise. If you have a address or E-Mail link for the Doctor it would be nice to send the team a great big Thank you. Kay you have done a GREAT Job on this blog and keeping everyone up to date, Thanks. Hey Kay just think how many SPA days you are raking up on? For every one out there, I think Mothers Day would be a great day in unison to send Kay personal notes of thanks for all of her hard work even if she says don't do it. It could be the form of flowers,candy,SPA cupons or donations to the team for cancer society race. I know I am running on but I am just on a high with all this good news. Love Ya'll #6

  5. What a great update to read! So glad, after such a long surgery and late into the night, that he feels like he does today! And you too Kay! Congrats to you both for your perserverance and fortitude to get through these last several months and now be on this side of the big day! May you coast downhill(but at first take it slow and leave on those training wheels!). You will be flying soon! Love, Jan

  6. It all sounds so intense. But if that's what it takes to get our Jayme back to good health, then more power to it!

    I miss you two. Can't wait to see you tomorrow :)

    your favorite