Monday, April 13, 2009

More time to heal

As my mom packs, I (Caroline) am dictating the following post:

Jayme met with the gastroenterologist this morning and it was determined he will have surgery on Monday, April 27. Turns out he does not have irritable bowel disease but has a mild case of colitis that is most likely a side effect from the chemo/radiation and may resolve itself over time. Dr. Nichols' schedule is not conducive to surgery until the end of April and he feels it would be beneficial for Jayme to gain more strength in the next two weeks.

We got a late check-out from our home away from home, the Rochester Hampton Inn, and are on our way back to KC now.

Looking forward to getting back home for a bit. Thanks for all the well-wishes.


  1. I hated to hear about the delay, I believe that the doctor would not delay the surgery if he didn't believe the enemy was contained and building up your strenth up will speed up the recovery process. A wise man once said to plant your Dreams in concret and your Plans in sand, I think you said that Brother James. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help via long distance! Love Ya both #6

  2. Sorry to read about the wait-I can only imagine that the two of you are so anxious to get that part of this journey behind you! When I read that Jayme had irritable bowel-I thought "of course-every part of him must be irritable!" No doubt the delay will allow more healing and a quicker recovery after the surgery. You're both still in my thoughts & prayers! Safe travels!

  3. Kay I was just thinking about you and hoping yor are managing. If there is somethink I can do for you here at the office let me know.

  4. Jayme & Kay -
    Although it's got to be disappointing to not have the operation in your rear view, I imagine it also must feel good to be back in the friendly confines of Findlay Central.
    Thinking of you,
    Bill & Kim