Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Long Day

Jayme is worn out and I am right behind him. The two tests plus blood work today took over 7 hours and he was awake for most of it. Now the goal is to get some nutrition in him and allow him plenty of rest for Thursday. Only thing on the agenda tomorrow is a meeting with the surgeon, so we should be able to have him ready for surgery.

I will make another entry on Thursday after he gets out of surgery. Keep those good thoughts and prayers coming!

If interested, here are two links for the "Relay For Life" event I spoke of in the previous entry.

Team Page...

My Personal Page...


  1. Glad the tests are over and you hit the stage tomorrow! I will be thinking about you and praying all day! And glad for the info on Relay for Life. Graham was on the planning committee for that event at his school last month. The kids raised $40,000 which was nearly double last year's monies raised. A great event for the fight against cancer! Love to you two - and try to get some sleep! Love, Cousin Jan

  2. Hey Brother and Saint Kay; I am very proud of the both of you for the battle you are waging, I know you did not have a chose in the matter but it sounds like both of you have risen to the challange. I happy that surgery day is upon us and look forward to a speedy recovery, I have no doute. I'll see ya in May, Love #6

  3. You are in my prayers as well as the team of medical staff taking care of you!