Monday, April 6, 2009

Safe and Sound

We are settled into the Hampton Inn. Not such a bad place to spend a few weeks. Rooms are all updated, free breakfast daily and soup every evening, fridge in room and complementary internet access. Trip was uneventful, just long. Could be because we just did the drive 10 days ago!

Jayme just completed his pre-colonoscopy prep. I'm sure he'll be awake for a few more hours, getting his exercise while making frequent bathroom trips. Tomorrow morning he will have a colonoscopy and endoscopy plus blood work, meet with the surgeon on Wednesday and surgery Thursday. Dr Nichols does two surgeries a day. Needless to say, I have requested the first surgery time slot.

Two friends/co-workers of mine, Sonya and Chele, are organizing an American Cancer Society "Relay For Life" team to honor Jayme's battle with this atrocious disease. This week I will put a link on the blog for those of you that want to join the cause, whether by participating in the event with us on June 12th and/or by making a donation. I personally have never attended an event like this, but have heard it is an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. I will also be emailing info to many of you whose addresses I have.

If you need or want to contact me, my email is

As always, the concern and love we have both experienced from all of you is so appreciated. Gratitude fills our hearts and we thank you.


  1. Love you, Mom!! Your strength amazes me everyday. Give dad a fist pound for me!! See you Wednesday :)

  2. Hey guys your in the home strech now. Not too much more to go. Cant wait to see Jayme back on his feet running around again.

    Stay strong, stay positive!

    Miss you very much Jayme, i was so happy to see your recent post.

    My thoughts and prayers are always pointed your way.

  3. Dear Kay and the Family,

    I just spoke with Anna and wanted to share my concern and love for all of you as well. My thoughts this week will be focused on Jamie and all of you. May God bless and keep you.

    Dave Lorbecki

  4. Sorry, JAYME not Jamie. Forgive me.