Saturday, April 4, 2009

Getting Packed

My good friend Julie gets worried when the blogs are infrequent, so thought I should update to ease her mind. All is fine, just preparing for a long journey and stay in Rochester. I have lists of things I need to do and take, so my weekend will be full of organizing, errands and packing. You'd be amazed how much "stuff" we have to take with us when a cancer patient on a feeding tube is involved. Thanks goodness we still have a minivan!

Jayme is doing OK. Still uses a walker, but gaining a little strength daily. He did spend a few hours on Thursday and Friday at the Cancer Center getting IV fluids. I want to make sure he stays hydrated, at least until we arrive at the Mayo Clinic. The waiting process until surgery can be agonizing, so we want to do all we can to stay on track for the April 9th surgery date.

All four Findlay kids will be in Rochester at some point. Anna and Caroline will arrive Wednesday, so they will be with me during the surgery. Sam and Grace fly in Friday evening. Anna will head back to Colorado on Saturday and the other three will leave on Monday. Jennifer, one of my college roomies, is coming out the following week for a few days.

Once I am settled in the Hampton Inn, I will try to blog more often, especially the days following surgery.


  1. Hey Kay, sounds like you have your ducks in a row for your road trip. I know you have been busy and focused, if you get a chance give me a call before you leave or after you get settled in. Ya'll are always in my prayers, Love ya #6

  2. We'll send our prayers - no need to pack them. Thinking of you always.
    Bill, Kim and Emily Roberts

  3. I'll miss you mom and dad!
    Don't worry, I'll take good care of Reesing while you're gone :)

  4. I miss the Light One. Jayme - you are in my thoughts every day, usually every hour. I'm learning from you even though we're not connected by our usually methods. Sending you and your family all the best.

  5. Thanks for the blog Jayme. I love your positive attitude. Been thinking of you a lot as I have a birthday coming up.(It's all about me, of course) Keep sending love out to the Universe, Ninja. Mark

  6. Praying for a safe journey and a very successful surgery and quick recovery!!
    Love, Angie & Kurt