Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Weekend Visit

Hope you like the new picture I added. He's kinda cute with a shaved head. In fact, they kinda look alike!

We so enjoyed our weekend visit from Anna and little Claire. Jayme is a man of few words these days, but did find Claire "quite entertaining". We miss them already, and look forward to a few of their summer trips to KC from Denver.

Jayme is holding his own. He has had a few bouts of nausea the past 3-4 days, so we are trying to adjust his anti-nausea medication so he isn't too drowsy. If were up to him, he would just sleep until the surgery on Monday. Really can't blame him. Up until the nausea started, he had been gaining strength and walking independently, but I am making him use a walker due to his recent drowsiness. Sometimes he is not the best judge of what he can and cannot do safely.

I recently realized that I have never explained the surgery Jayme will have next week. Without being too graphic I will do my best. It is called an esophagectomy. They will first make an incision in his abdomen and, at that time, decide if they can use the stomach to rebuild the esophagus. If they can't use the stomach, they will use the small intestine. Usually the 3rd option is the colon, but in Jayme's case they can't use it due to the recent diagnosis of colitis. The Dr assures us he can do it with the stomach or intestine. Then they make an incision on his side between his ribs and remove most of his esophagus. They then "stretch" the stomach or intestine up and resect it with the remainder of the esophagus.

He will continue with the feeding tube for a week after surgery, then progress to liquids by mouth. If all goes well, he will then start on a soft diet and may be able to discontinue the tube feedings within a month. He should be able to eat what he wants, just small and frequent meals. However, knowing Jayme, he will be making a diet change in an attempt to keep cancer away forever!

Tonight I was telling Jayme about all the recent gestures of goodwill, the emails, cards and blog comments (he even received one from Costa Rica), the donations and interest for Relay For Life, the help with the lawn, the wonderful and delicious food, the "get Kay out of the house" lunch and dinners, etc. He has not been able to witness it all himself recently, but I am doing my best to share with him all the unbelievable kindness of our friends and family. It is quite overwhelming. The human spirit lives on in this crazy world and we are more grateful than ever.


  1. Kay & Jayme -- I love checking in on your upbeat blog. You look great Jayme--maintaining that mustache through chemo is some feat. What is Claire holding up to the camera--a playing card? I'm glad to know that you're passing along a noble Roberts family tradition--teaching the kids to play poker early. Our thoughts, prayers and hopes are with you for Monday, and we gotta talk more about this trip to Costa Rica...Love, Tom

  2. Jayme - It's so good to see you, even just a picture. I miss our conversations but still feel connected by our long and deep friendship. No day passes without me thinking of you and praying for your full and rapid recovery (I can imagine nothing feels rapid right now.) Doing my best to stay light - hope you are, too.

  3. Hi there!

    Good to see you Jayme. You can tell little Claire loves her grandpa!

    My thoughts are with you, my love!


  4. Thanks for the photo of Jayme and Claire! It's great to see my longtime buddy looking so good and his granddaughter looking so cute. You are in our prayers as you get ready for another trip north and the big surgery.
    Bill and Kim

  5. LOVE the pic of Dad and Clairestopher :) She looks adorable as always and I'm glad Dad gave a smile. See you next week, Mom!

  6. Jayme,
    I like the bald look; you should stick with that after this thing blows over. Claire is beautiful. Good luck next Monday. Keep at it, my friend.

  7. Jayme,
    You really look good! It was great to see Anna and Claire this past weekend and I'm glad it helped perk you up. My thoughts and prayers will be with you on Monday. You've got to get well to help me eat that barbecue in July.

    Dave Lorbecki

  8. Jayme,
    Good to see your face. I always thought you were bald...very handsome bald man.

    Mike Breakey

  9. Jayme, we notice all the comments on the picture. It is great to see you in the flesh and not just in the blog. We are both thinking about you and will be there with you on Monday, in spirit. When this is over, you will have to make another trip to Oregon to get a change of scenery. The blogs are so needed up here and the picture is priceless; even if you have no hair. Be strong my friend,
    Jim and Sandy

  10. Prayers ascending for tomorrow. The Roberts pew at church was full today! Peace, Meg