Friday, April 10, 2009

Stuck in Rochester

I'm sure Jayme won't mind if I share the fact that he has Irritable Bowel Disease and must be seen by a GI doc before he can have surgery. He had a contrast CT scan of the colon this morning and we tried to get in to see a doctor this afternoon, but no such luck. We waited in the waiting room for a few hours, but the holiday weekend prevented us from getting in. We have an appointment on Monday at 10:15. Frustrating you ask? Very much so, but nothing to do but wait until we find out the next step on Monday. The strange thing is, Jayme is asymptomatic, so this took us by complete surprise.

Dr Nichols insists they have the best specialists at the Mayo for this type of disease, so he wants us to handle it all here. Hopefully, they can start Jayme on medication and he can have the surgery next Friday. The surgeon has him penciled in for the 17th. We shall see.

So glad Caroline is here until Monday. She has been so helpful and great company.

Happy Easter and I'll update early next week.


  1. Thanks for the update, Kay. It's reassuring to know we have the best specialists, the strongest family, and the most heartfelt prayers all working on Jayme's case. Have a good Easter in Rochester.
    P.S. Is it still pretty cold there? Any snow left?

  2. Kay,

    Know you guys are so ready to get the show on the road...but it's so much better to have a cautious surgeon who won't skip steps than a cowboy running the show. Hoping the extra time taken (albeit stressful beyond what any of us can imagine) will pay off in a successful surgery and recovery for Jayme in the end.

    Praying for you.

    A.J., & Scott

  3. Jayme and Kay,
    Sorry to hear about the latest delay, you guys exhibit such serenity in the midst of the storm. I doubt if I could do half as well.
    Brother Bob

  4. Hang in there my friend, im here for you all the way through this.

  5. Good luck at your appointment today. I hope you get some much needed good news. Let me know if I can do anything from here. Love you guys!

  6. It was a year ago I went to Mayo's with my sister. It was so overwhelming in everyway. I really can't or don't want to describe it. Big place, big snowdrifts, big scary diagnosis. She was told that her cancer was everywhere. You might ask why I tell you this. Here is why. The head of the oncology dept. told us there was nothing to do. We walked out and fell to the ground. Total devastation.
    It has been one year, and my sister is still here fighting. Her recent scan showed no growth, so onward with the treatments. We did find a top specialist with her type of cancer and he oversees her cocktails.
    Battling this horrible disease myself, my heart goes out to all of you. And that is what will keep us going! You will never feel such love and see such strength and faith in everyone. It brings out the best in all of us. So keep up the fight, feel the love, and thank god for the doctors and nurses, and scientists who fight along with us. We are a formidable team! Love you all, Julie and family