Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clock Struck Twelve

It's after midnight, but seeing Jayme tonight was well worth the wait. Although he won't remember a thing tomorrow, he was pretty cognizant of what was going on around him. He was awake and asked me a few questions. He even remembered I was checking into a different hotel today.

Three nurses were getting him set up in his room. One of them broke the rules and let me observe. Wow. The equipment he is hooked to is unbelievable. He has an oxygen mask, three chest tubes, nasal tube, catheter, IV's, two epidurals for pain (one for each incision), leg pumps for circulation, feeding tube, heart and blood pressure monitor, etc. I was told they will get him up to walk 3-4 times tomorrow. I want to witness how they manage that with all the tubes attached to his body.

Dr Nichols explained that he could not use the stomach to rebuild the esophagus due to inflammation and the size of the tumor. By the time he removed the tumor as well as some inflammed areas and lymph nodes, there wasn't enough of the stomach left so he used the small intestine, successfully may I add. After listening to him go into great detail following the surgery, it just emphasizes how fortunate we are to have this particular surgeon operate on Jayme. The man is a master at what he does, and has a bedside manner to match.

Going to get some sleep now, but will update again tomorrow.

Thanks over and over again for everything all of you have done. Please keep doing whatever it is you are doing cause it's working!


  1. Glad to hear everything went well. Dr. Nichols sounds like a real pro. Can't wait to see you guys back in KC!

  2. Thanks for the update! So glad everything went well yesterday. Sounds like you all are in wonderful hands.

  3. Kay, thanks for all the updates & information-I'll pass it on to the office gang. Sounds like between your superior doctor & staff and all the prayers from family & friends-things went very well-God is good! Now you both can concentrate on healing & we'll keep praying for a speedy & easy recovery. Hope to see you soon!

  4. I'm so happy everything went well and this part is behind us. Now Jayme can begin the recovery process and start to heal. I know it will be a tough road, but nothing compared to what he's already been through. Sending hugs from Ohio!!

  5. Kay,

    THANKS for taking the time to keep us updated. Tell Jayme that I am compiling a list of wise-ass comments about the fact that his intestines are now his throat, but I am saving them for when he feels better!

    Frank (and Ann)

  6. Yeah!!! So glad things went well!!! Now the road to recovery and maybe some golf this summer ;) Besides Jayme still needs to teach me the short game. Love you guys!!
    Michelle K.

  7. I am thrilled to hear the great news! I knew I had nice neighbors but was not aware I was living next door to such gentle but fierce warriors. My hat is off to you and your wonderful circle of support. Extraordinary!