Thursday, April 9, 2009

Guest entry

Hello all from daughter #2, Caroline. Just wanted to give a little update from a my perspective.

I arrived in Minneapolis from Philadelphia yesterday afternoon and went straight to the Mayo Clinic to find my parents anxiously awaiting the test results, which they had been doing for the previous two hours. After the nurse finally called them in, I was honored and a little nervous to tag along and meet with Dr. Nichols to hear the long-awaited plan for surgery.

This entire experience has shown me now more than ever that my parents are two of the strongest people I know. My dad has endured more physical obstacles than one can ever imagine, yet he continues to push forward and is determined to get better and be cancer-free. And my mom is the emotional rock for all of us. She puts everything into caring for my dad, constantly educates herself on his condition, speaks for him when he cannot speak for himself, maintains the continual flow of nutrients into his feeding tube and still manages to update the rest of us with this genius blog.

Since my dad's diagnosis on January 5, I have known that we are all going through this together--our entire family and large circle of friends. But my parents have really been in this as a 2-person team. It all came to the forefront when in the doctor's office hearing test results read. My dad started asking the doctor's assistant questions and not once did he say "I" or "me." It was always "we" and "us." My mom may not be physically sick but she is experiencing this nasty cancer right there with him. It is in fact a "we process."

To repeat what my mom always says, thank you so much for the love and support sent our way. It is humbling to hear of all the people who have reached out and helped my parents with anything and everything. We love you all!!


  1. Dear Caroline, I am so glad you are with your mom and dad now. Yes, they are a team and they will get through this, you kids are part of why they are so strong and are battling through. Keep the faith, we are with you and send more good vibs.

  2. Hey #2 from #6 so glad to hear from you. Through all the challanges in your family you have stayed on track to get your degree, I am so very proud of you on your victory. This degree will mean more to you 20 years from now than it does now. Be sure to give your Momma some down time to recharge her batteries and tell your Daddy you Love him, he draws strenth from Ya'll, Love #6

  3. I don't know what I might be thinking without this great blog. Thanks so much for keeping us up-to-date, because my mind runs away with me sometimes. I have great faith in Jayme's mind and will. Who better to rise above this cancer, reach down and grab it and make it wish it had never come into his body? Thanks to the newsy updates, I am hoping for the best instead of fearing the worst. And thanks to this beautiful collection of caring thoughts and good wishes, I am crying with happiness instead of sadness. What a difference.