Sunday, April 26, 2009

Surgery is Scheduled

We arrived in Rochester about an hour ago. I called the number they gave me to find out what time Jayme is to check in for surgery prep. He is to be at the hospital at 8:00 am. I assume his surgery will be around 9:30 or so. I will blog as soon as I can tomorrow with more details.

This road trip was a little longer than normal. Lots of rain and I had to rest my tired eyes for about 30 minutes. But, we made it here safely and are more than ready to start phase two of Jayme's journey to being cancer free. We are both confident that Dr Nichols will do a superb job of starting him on that road tomorrow.

Keep those positive thoughts headed this way!


  1. There's a ginormous shipment of positive thoughts headed your way. No need for UPS to confirm delivery. Your huge team is behind you all the way, loving you and praying for you.
    Two of many,
    Bill and Kim

  2. Kay:

    We're so glad Jayme can finally get this surgery behind him. We'll be praying for both of you (and the medical staff) all day.

    Ann and Frank

  3. Good to talk to you Sunday brother, I need some new ideas on how to save the world, so get well soon!! I prayed last night until I fell asleep that God would guild the hands of your surgicial team, and the reply was not problem, I'll be there.

  4. We're thinking about you Jayme! Can't wait for you to get better!